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For tours to the nearby and more remote surroundings of the Palm Garden Lodge the small bus including a driver is available. Here are some suggestions for such tours to the various places of cultural interest, but also to interesting landscapes in the surrounding area.

· Bang Sida Nationalpark - Sa Kaeo
The Bang Sida National Park directly borders the Thap Lan National Park in the Province of Sa Kaeo. When it comes to vegetation, the Bang Sida is similar to the Khao Yai and Thap Lan National Parks and in this Park there are some waterfalls which are really worth the trip. Additionally, in the Bang Sida National Park the last wild crocodiles of Thailand have been observed and they might still exist in the Park, even though they are extremely rare.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 120 km (75 miles)

Bang Sida Nationalpark
Bang Sida Nationalpark
Friendship Market - Aranyaprathet
Friendship Market - Aranyaprathet
· Friendship Market - Aranayaprathet
In the city of Aranyaprathet directly near the Cambodian border there is a busy border market, the socalled Friendship Market, where many goods from Cambodia are offered. Well, on this market there is nothing that does not exist, but all this can be found in abundance. This market is a fruitful place for shopping freaks who do not want to cross the border to the neighboring Kingdom of Cambodia just for that purpose.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 140 km (87 miles)
· Khao Chakhan - Sa Kaeo
The Khao Chakhan is located along the connecting road between Sao Kaeo and Chantaburi which runs parallel to the Cambodian border and is about 20 km (12.5 miles) from Sa Kaeo. The Khao Chakhan is a mountain range made of rocks rising from the generally plain surrounding area. In the mountain range there is a small cave with some worshiped Buddha statues. The cave leads uphill inside the mountain and at the end of the cave there is a breathtaking view across the surrounding area.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 120 km (75 miles)
Khao Chakan
Buddha in the cave of Khao Chakhan
Sarika Waterfall in Nakhon Nayok
Nam Tok Sarika in Nakhon Nayok
· Nakhon Nayok - Sarika - Nang Rong - Wang Takrei Park
The Province of Nakhon Nayok is the westernly neighboring province of Prachin Buri and is also located south of the Khao Yai# National Park. There are some objects of interest in the Province of Nakhon Nayok like the waterfalls named Nam Tok Sarika and Nam Tok Nang Rong. The Wang Takrei Park is a wonderfully arrange Park on the shores of a river. All these places are popular for sightseeing trips by the Thai people from the surrounding area and they are particularly popular during weekends, especially because here one has the occasion to take a bath and swim.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 60 km (37 miles)
The tips listed herein are only examples for day trips which are possible with the small bus of the Palm Garden Lodge. Of course, trips to other places of interest in the sense of your individual wishes are also possible. The rental fares for the small bus including driver and without costs for fuel are between 1500 and 2000 THB. Hints for renting the small bus can be found at "car rental" on the web site.