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Like all across Thailand, also in Prachin Buri and the surrounding area numerous Buddhist sacred places and shrines can be visited.

They are by far not as popular as the temples of the north or the temples at Bangkok, but they also impress us by their beauty and they partly have an interesting historic background.

But due to their sometimes quite remote position they sometimes offer a particularly silent and relaxed atmosphere and one can enjoy them without any hectic mad rush.

Wat Kaeo Pichit in Prachin Buri
Wat Kaeo Pichit in Prachin Buri
Chinese Temple in Prachin Buri
Chinese Tempel Prachin Buri
Besides Wat Kaeo Pichit, quite famous for its very individual architecture, in Prachin Buri there is another newly designed very big Chinese temple which impresses us by its very fine handmade details. Certain reliefs of the temple required about two years to get finished.

A bit outside of Prachin Buri we find the extended construction of Sa Morakot. Here is the eldest and biggest Buddha footprint that has hitherto been discovered on Thai territory. It is 3,50 m (3.8 yards or 11.4 feet) long and 1,30 m (1.42 yards or 4.26 feet) wide.
Besides a newer Buddhist temple there are also the relics of a settlement from the Dvaravati Epoch.

But with the exception of a still quite well preserved well, some columns and the relics of the foundation walls, not much of this settlement which is elder than 1000 years can be detected.

Only a few meters from the original settlement one can visit a small museum. In the external setup a model of the entire settlement can be seen just as it might have looked like in the past.
Foddprint Buddhas
Buddhas Foodprint
Si Mahapho TreePrachin Buri
Si Mahapo Tree
Some 20 km (12.5 miles) outside of Prachin Buri on the ground of the Wat Phra Si Maha Pho there is Thailand's eldest Bhodi tree.

This tree also serves as the symbol of the Province of Prachin Buri and in a round gangway around the tree numerous Buddha statues for worship can be seen.

In the Wat Phra Si Maha Pho one can also find relics of the Mon Culture which dominated this area before the Khmer.